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The world of AMA-sanctioned motorcycle events is remarkably rich and diverse.

Racing events of every possible variety, from high-flying AMA Supercross to sideways-sliding flat track, from knee-dragging road racing to wide-open desert racing, to drag racing, land speed racing, hillclimbs, hare scrambles and so much more.  

Then there are recreational rides of every sort, from off-road trail, dual-sport and adventure rides to Grand Tours and Gypsy Tours to field meets and road enduros and more. Charity rides. Rider training sessions. Skills workshops. Bike nights and other social gatherings. The list goes on…  

The American Motorcyclist Association sanctions thousands of competition and recreational riding events each year that are organized and promoted by AMA-chartered clubs and promoters. No matter what kind of motorcyclist you are, or what elements of motorcycle culture and community you identify with, there’s an AMA-sanctioned event that perfectly suits your desire.  

We hope to see you at an AMA event very soon! 

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Resources include a searchable database to help you find AMA-sanctioned events all around the country, in every riding discipline. 

Scheduled Events

AMA Events

A series of signature events produced by the AMA to promote motorcycle culture and community in America.