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Competition Commission

To establish best practices for both racers and race organizers, and to address common concerns surrounding the fairness and competitiveness of motorcycle racing in America, the American Motorcyclist Association has formed multiple volunteer Competition Commissions that oversee the following racing disciplines:  
  • Flat Track Commission, which governs flat track, ice racing and speedway competition. 
  • Motocross Commission, which governs motocross, Arenacross, Supercross and Snowcross competition. 
  • Off-Road Commission, which governs enduro, hare scrambles, hare and hound, grand prix, desert scramble and extreme off-road competition. 
  • Specialized Sport Commission, which governs hillclimb, drag racing, land speed, road racing and supermoto competition. 
  • Trials Commission, which governs observed trials competition. 
  • Medical/Safety Commission, which governs multiple disciplines. 
  • Sporting Commission, which governs multiple disciplines. 
  • Technical Commission, which governs multiple disciplines. 

Competition Commissions are volunteer bodies that consider, disseminate, amend, interpret, and assist in the enforcement of technical and operational rules for amateur and pro-am competition events sanctioned by the American Motorcyclist Association. Association members who would like to participate in racing rule making are encouraged to apply to serve on an AMA Competition Commission.  

Becoming A Competition Commission Member

AMA Competition Commission appointees must have an active AMA membership and be in good standing throughout the duration of their appointment.

Each appointee shall serve a two-year term beginning in January. Applications must be submitted by October 15 for the term beginning the following January. The American Motorcyclist Association President may remove any appointee from the commission at any time. If you are interested in becoming an AMA Competition Commission member, please apply online during the application period through the AMA Competition Commission Member Application (2023-2024 application is closed). 

Claim: Injured motorcyclists are uninsured and disproportionately rely upon the public to pay for their injuries.

Response: Motorcyclists are just as likely to be privately insured as any other road user.

A medical center study1 reported that injured motorcyclists in the trauma center relied on public funds a lower percentage of the time than did automobile drivers to pay their hospital bills during the same time period.

A university study2 reported that automobile drivers and motorcyclists have their medical costs covered by insurance at a nearly identical rate.

Conclusion: Injured motorcyclists are less likely than the general population to use public funds to pay for injuries sustained in crashes, and no more likely to be uninsured than other vehicle operators.

Submitting Rule Proposals and Agenda Items

Rule proposals and agenda items may be submitted at any point in the season.

Only AMA Competition Commission members may submit proposals. Competition Commission members may submit proposals and items via the following link: Rule Proposal/Agenda Item Submissions

All business by the AMA Competition Commissions is subject to review and approval by the AMA Board of Directors. Rules adopted by commissions during meetings and ratified by the AMA Board of Directors are incorporated into subsequent AMA Rulebooks, which are published annually. 

For more information, please download the latest AMA Competition Commission Guidelines (PDF).