Drag Racing

Drag racing might be the most elemental form of motorcycle racing competition.

Just two machines side-by-side in an all-out sprint to see who reaches the finish line first, in the shortest possible time and at the highest possible speed. It might seem simple, but drag racing is a deceptively difficult sport that requires steady nerves, sharp reflexes, and a singular focus on going fast.  

Drag racing happens on an arrow-straight, paved, quarter-mile track — though sometimes the track is just an eighth-mile long. There is a drag racing class for every type of motorcycle made — even stock streetbikes. Purpose-built drag bikes often feature specially constructed rigid frames, wide and slick rear tires, and wheelie bars to prevent the bikes from flipping over backwards under extreme acceleration.  

In addition to sanctioned amateur drag racing events across the country, the AMA has also partnered with the All-Harley Drag Racing Association (AHDRA) to promote the AMA/AHDRA Drag Racing Series, a nationwide series for American V-Twin motorcycle drag racers. With pro, index, and bracket classes for everything from street-legal baggers to fire-breathing, top-fuel motorcycles that complete the quarter-mile sprint in just six seconds at speeds of over 230 mph, AMA/AHDRA events represent the best of American drag racing culture. For more information on the AMA/AHDRA Drag Racing Series, visit http://raceahdra.com/. 

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