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Membership Benefits

When you join the AMA, you’ll enjoy numerous benefits.

The most important of these revolve around the three “Rs” — Rights, Riding and Racing — and include everything the AMA does to protect your freedom to ride, to promote riding opportunities both on-road and off, and to facilitate the best amateur and professional motorcycle racing competition in the world.  

But that’s not all. In addition to the three Rs, there are also many practical benefits to ensure you get the most out of your motorcycling experience, including valuable deals and discounts, American Motorcyclist — the biggest and best motorcycle magazine — and more.  

Primary Member Perks

Your Freedom to Ride, Protected:

By joining the AMA, you are taking an active role in fighting anti-motorcycling forces that threaten our freedom to ride. Check out the AMA Action Center, where you can review legislative reports, make an informed decision and then take action to support that decision all in one place. Read our position statements, subscribe to action alerts, review our legislative scorecard and then join in the discussion on our social media sites.

AMA Member Discounts Put Money in Your Pocket:

AMA members have access to a variety of discounts on motorcycle products and services. From apparel and accessories to motorcycle shipping, roadside assistance and maps—your membership can pay for itself many times over. AMA Members can view discount codes by logging in with their AMA account.

American Motorcyclist:

AMA members can access American Motorcyclist, the best and largest circulation motorcycle magazine in North America. Each monthly issue is jam-packed with features, columns, event coverage, AMA government relations news, historical pieces and more…all of which recalls the glory days of motorcycle magazines and that traditional motorcycle-magazine experience that’s gone missing.

The Best in Racing:

AMA-sanctioned racing events are the best way to participate in two-wheeled competition. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, the AMA is your source for all things racing. The AMA sanctions thousands of motorcycle racing competitions across more than 20 disciplines each year, maintaining consistent rules and ensuring fair and honest competition at every level, all to provide a path from local racing to the professional ranks. Find AMA-sanctioned events near you.

The Largest Motorcycling Community in the Country:

As a member you ride with thousands of motorcyclists at your back. The AMA is the largest motorcycling organization representing all types of riders. Find AMA-chartered clubs near you and ride more.