3 motorcyclists on road riding in the fall

On Road Riding

A good road ride can be almost anything you want it to be, from a few hours to a few weeks, following interstate highways or back roads, solo or with friends, on a self-guided or guided route.

Road riding is the best way to enjoy the scenery in your backyard and beyond, and traveling on two wheels provides a much closer connection to the sights and sounds along the side of the road. Whether you prefer the camaraderie of a group ride on the weekend or live for long-distance solo tours, AMA Road Riding programs — including Grand Tours, Gypsy Tours, Road Enduros and much more — provide an almost-endless variety of pavement-oriented experiences to engage your senses, expand your riding community and amplify your feelings of two-wheeled freedom.

(Note: For all AMA road-riding events, riders must have a valid motorcycle temporary permit or license and follow all state and local laws. Motorcycles must be licensed and insured for street riding.)