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Business Member Program

AMA Business Member Program

The guiding mission of the American Motorcyclist Association is to promote the motorcycle lifestyle and protect the future of motorcycling — and that includes promoting and protecting the interests of the motorcycle industry in America. AMA Business Members are key participants in making that extended and expanded mission a reality — together we’re all stronger!  

When you become an AMA Business Member, you help the AMA pursue vital initiatives critical to the survival of the motorcycle industry in America, such as:  

  • Eliminating laws that profile motorcyclists 
  • Fighting laws that endanger the entire motorcycle industry, such as the infamous “Lead Law” that the AMA fought to kill — successfully! — in 2011. 
  • Advancing pro-motorcycling legislation, such as lane-sharing laws.  
  • Ensuring autonomous vehicle technology is rigorously tested to protect motorcyclists.  
  • Promoting safe-riding initiatives with promoters and clubs.  


From OEMs to aftermarket manufacturers to powersports dealers, the AMA Business Member Program offers options that benefit all types of businesses.  

Learn more about the Business Level Members and the benefits of membership in the Business Member Brochure.

The AMA Wants Your Business Membership!

The AMA stands strong promoting and protecting motorcycling.

Are you ready to stand with us as an AMA Business Member? Every additional Business Member makes the AMA stronger, and AMA Business Members have an active role in steering the future of the AMA while helping support the AMA’s critical Government Relations efforts. Let’s work together to protect the motorcycle lifestyle we love while growing and strengthening our industry at the same time.  

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