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AMA Volunteer Opportunities

Ways you can volunteer in support of the AMA

Volunteers are important to the success of the American Motorcyclist Association. Without the tireless efforts of thousands and thousands of engaged and active AMA volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to do a fraction of what we do to protect and promote motorcycling and the motorcycling lifestyle in America. Are you ready to raise your hand and volunteer your time help support the AMA and advance the interests of motorcyclists across America?

Individual Interests

Here are opportunities where your actions can and will make a difference: 


The AMA is actively forming a pool of eager members willing to help at races, rallies and other motorcycle events. Volunteers also are sometimes asked to attend nearby public hearings or town hall meetings to share the AMA point of view on issues affecting motorcyclists’ rights or the motorcycle lifestyle. 

EAGLES-Trained Volunteer

The AMA is also actively training specialized volunteers who want to be better informed and more involved in AMA activities. Volunteers in this category must complete the AMA EAGLES (Education, Activism, Growth, Leadership, Expertise, Skills) training program, which provides volunteers with all the tools they need to be well informed about the AMA and the varied interests of both recreational and competitive motorcyclists across America. Learn more about EAGLES training here.

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