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Life Member Plus

Exclusively for AMA Life Members

An AMA Life Member Plus membership provides a low-cost way for AMA Life Members to receive the print version of American Motorcyclist and to be eligible for enrollment in Roadside Assistance Plus, which covers motorcycles and cars.

Enroll today and receive:
  • 12 issues of American Motorcyclist, the largest circulation motorcycle magazine
  • Roadside assistance coverage for your cars and motorcycles when you opt in
  • Life Member Plus membership card, decal and pin
  • Exclusive Life Member Plus Newsletter

AMA Life Member Plus dues are just $29 a year – just $2.41 a month! That’s cheaper than a cup of coffee or a gallon of gas.  

Questions or need assistance?
Call AMA Member Services a
t (800) AMA-JOIN, or (800) 262-5646

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Participation in the AMA Life Member Plus program is voluntary.

AMA Charter Life Members who do not upgrade to AMA Life Member Plus continue to enjoy many benefits of AMA membership, including the ability to participate or compete in AMA-sanctioned events, full access to all the members-only content on this website (including the electronic version of American Motorcyclist), and eligibility for all the money-saving AMA member deals and discounts.

However, not only is the AMA Life Member Plus program an exceptional value, but AMA Life Member Plus participants can ride with pride, knowing they continue to support the largest organization in America fighting for motorcyclists’ rights.