A hybrid of road racing and motocross, supermoto racers use modified off-road motorcycles to compete on tracks that combines paved and dirt sections and often include jumps and other off-road obstacles.

Supermoto tracks are typically around 80-percent pavement and 20-percent dirt and can be built almost anywhere, including at go-kart tracks, indoor stadiums, street courses, parking lots and more.  

Supermoto race bikes are typically big-bore, four-stroke singles (450cc and up) that were originally built for motocross or off-road riding, modified with smaller-diameter 17-inch wheels that accommodate road racing tires, and sometimes with lowered suspension, too.  

The AMA sanctions the AMA Supermoto National Championship Series, organized in conjunction with promotional partner DRT Racing. Classes include Open, Lites, Amateur National, 65cc (ages 7-11), Supermini Youth (ages 12-15), Supermini Adult, Asphalt Open (open cc), and Asphalt Amateur (open cc, no pro

AMA-Sanctioned Events