AMA 101

AMA 101

As the world’s largest motorcycling member organization, the American Motorcyclist Association advocates to advance motorcyclists’ interests across many areas of focus.

The AMA protects everyone’s right to ride, supporting pro-motorcycling legislation and regulations, and fighting to oppose bike bans, land closures, discrimination against motorcyclists, and so much more. An independent non-profit that represents well over 200,000 motorcyclists of all types across all motorcycling disciplines, the AMA is committed to providing the best benefits possible for its members to save them time and money. The AMA is also dedicated to motorcycle racing, sanctioning more than 80 professional events and more than 4,000 amateur events across the country each year.  




But the AMA is so much more than the three Rs: Rights, Riding, and Racing.

The AMA also creates camaraderie and community amongst riders via AMA-sanctioned rides and events promoted by the more than 1,000 AMA-chartered motorcycle clubs. The AMA cultivates motorcycle culture by publishing American Motorcyclist magazine, the nation’s biggest and best monthly motorcycle journal. The AMA also works to celebrate the history of motorcycling in America with its AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum located near Columbus, Ohio.  

Rights, riding, racing; community, culture, celebration — the AMA is all these things and so much more. Follow the links below to learn more about the American Motorcyclist Association.  

About the AMA

2 motorcyclists driving on road

Everything you want to know about the American Motorcyclist Association, including the Association’s history, staff, job opportunities and more. 

AMA Board of Directors

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Information about the AMA Board of Directors, including contact information and the latest board meeting minutes 

AMA 100th Anniversary

black and white silhouette of a man & his motorcycle and woman from the 1800s

The year 2024 is the 100th anniversary of the American Motorcyclist Association. Here are the highlights from a century of rights, riding and racing!  

AMA Board of Directors Awards

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Special recognition for individuals who have demonstrated leadership, uncommon excellence, and dedication to the AMA mission.