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Riding Rulebook

The American Motorcyclist Association has a proud, near-100-year record of sanctioning and supporting recreational riding events that promote and support the motorcycle lifestyle.

Countless recreational riding events are organized around the country by AMA-chartered clubs, and the practices and policies outlined in this rulebook help those AMA-affiliated clubs and promoters to deliver events that are safe, fun, and welcoming to everyone.  

Recreational Riding Rulebook

Current AMA recreational riding rules provide guidance for promoters hosting road, dual-sport, adventure, and other non-competitive off-road riding events. This reference guide is intended to provide motorcyclists with an understanding of the wide variety of events available to recreational riders, as well as the rules that govern and guide those events. Topics of interest include organizer duties, participant eligibility, event classifications, emergency policies and best practices, and more. This reference also provides AMA organizers with information outlining the paperwork and operational procedures required for their events.

AMA Membership

AMA membership is encouraged for all AMA-sanctioned recreational riding events, and certain events may require AMA membership for all participants. Event organizers are responsible for ensuring their events meet the requirements of the AMA and event insurance providers. These rules are intended to provide a safe riding environment for all participants; however, the AMA does not guarantee the safety of participants, nor compliance with enforcement of the rules. Each participant in any event has the personal responsibility of assessing the safety aspects of facilities and conditions and assumes the risk of the event.