2 motorcyclists trail riding

Trail Riding

AMA-sanctioned trail rides, which take place entirely on a closed course using unlicensed off-road motorcycles (or ATVs), are one of the best ways to enjoy time on two wheels with family or friends.

Think of an AMA trail ride as an off-road tour — no timing or other competitive elements are allowed; the only objective is to enjoy the scenery and the challenge of the off-road terrain. AMA-sanctioned trail rides often offer multiple routes to choose from including more difficult alternate routes that might be called “A-Loops” or “Hero Sections,” which leave the main route and return to the main route either at the same place or somewhere further down the trail. 

Almost any dirt bike can be used for trail riding, but a small-displacement, single-cylinder machine is the best candidate. As a rider you’ll want to wear full protective gear and perhaps a backpack hydration system if it’s particularly hot outside. It’s not a bad plan to bring along a tool roll for any trail-side repairs, and if you’re woods riding, hand guards will save your hands, while skid plates will protect the underside of your machine from rocks, logs and other obstacles you are likely to encounter along the trail.

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