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Adventure Riding

Adventure riding is one of the fastest-growing segments of motorcycling, and for good reason.

Adventure bikes (ADVs) are among the most versatile and capable motorcycles you can buy today; comfortable enough to conquer hundreds of miles of interstate without stopping, sporty enough to confidently tackle even the twistiest backroads, and rugged enough to traverse unpaved mountain passes without complaint. The aptly named adventure bike is the Swiss Army knife of two-wheelers, ready for any challenge you can imagine. And there is no better way to get the most out of your ADV than by participating in an AMA-sanctioned adventure ride.

ADV routes, designed to accommodate street-legal adventure motorcycles (600cc and larger), typically favor gravel or dirt roads and the occasional ADV-appropriate off-road trail.

The highlight of the AMA’s growing ADV programming is the AMA National Adventure Riding Series, which offers the best routes to showcase the abilities of adventure bikes. Not only do these two-day, non-competitive events include challenging rides that are well marked and thoughtfully designed by local clubs, but they are built around a full weekend of activities that typically includes bonfires, camping, food, prizes and more. Some events even offer ADV-oriented seminars and workshops, guest speakers, vendors and/or demos where you can test-ride the latest ADV bikes.

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