Motorcyclist driving down dirt bath

Hare and Hound

Are you just getting warmed up at the end of a 2-hour hare scramble?

Time for you to sign up for an AMA-sanctioned hare and hound event. Hare and hounds are desert races that are popular in the wide-open Western states, where riders race one another over a natural terrain course anywhere from 60 to 120 miles long, passing through a series of checkpoints along the way.  

The course may be laid out as a point-to-point event or run on at least two loops (the majority of each loop should be used only once). Each loop must be at least 30 miles in length. In either case, the total distance covered must be at least 60 miles and can be up to 120 miles—or even longer. Each hare and hound race is mass start and begins with a starting straight—sometimes called a “bomb run”—that is no less than 500 meters in length. Finishing positions are determined by the order riders cross the finish line.  

National Championship Series

The top hare and hound series in the country is the AMA Hare and Hound National Championship Series, promoted and organized by the National Hare and Hound Association. The NHHA works with local clubs to build the series, manage sponsor relationships, and serve as a central information hub for racers.  

There are around 10 races held every year in western states, including California, Utah, New Mexico, Nevada and Idaho. The national series has a number of classes intended for riders with a range of skill levels; for beginners, the NHHA provides an excellent introduction to hare and hound racingso new entrants into the sport can get started safety and competitively. 

AMA-Sanctioned Events