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A Special Message from AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Class of ’23

As five motorcyclists from a wide range of specialties, including racing, race promoting, race announcing, extreme sports, and just about everything in between, we know — as do you — how wonderfully magical motorcycles and the sport of motorcycling can be. 

Our sport has brought us and our families immense joy over the years, and we have a feeling it’s probably done the same for you and yours, whether you’re a veteran or beginner in the sport. 

Being inducted into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame this past September as the Class of 2023 was an honor and a thrill for all of us, but that’s only part of the reason we’re all such big fans and supporters of the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame. 

We’ve come to understand over the years, and especially so during the 2023 Induction Ceremony, that the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame’s mission to preserve and promote the heritage of American motorcycling is alive, well and vitally important.

But we wonder…what would motorcycling be like to future generations if our greatest racers, riders, ambassadors and visionaries were lost to history? 

What if their very important achievements were forgotten? Would tomorrow’s riders chase their motorcycling dreams if they had no one to inspire them?

That’s not something we’d like to chance, and we feel pretty certain you’d agree, so here’s our question to you:

Will you please make a financial contribution to the Hall of Fame?

All contributions to the Hall of Fame go to the American Motorcycle Heritage Foundation, a separate 501(c)(3) that funds the Hall of Fame’s mission. The tax-deductible donations directly and exclusively support the promotion and preservation of our history. Your gift will help preserve the effort to remember our greatest visionaries, citizens and racers, and a well-preserved history is the foundation we need for a strong future.

There are several levels of financial support for the Hall of Fame, all with interesting and compelling premiums.

And this year, the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame is offering a special premium for those making a donation of $7,500 or more: A custom, Hall of Famer-signed pull-up banner from this year’s AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony stage display. You’ll be able to choose the graphic you want — Rita Coombs, Ryan Dungey, Barry Hawk, Grant Langston or Travis Pastrana — but first come first serve. Supplies are limited, so act fast!

We can’t imagine a world without motorcycles, and we know you agree!
But together we can ensure that the legendary people, stories and achievements of motorcycling live on — and that motorcycling thrives for generations to come.

Respectfully yours,

Barry Hawk, Rita Coombs, Ryan Dungey, Travis Pastrana, and Grant Langston 
The AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Class of 2023

Giving Level Items This Year

2023 Hall of Fame Decal
2023 Hall of Fame Pin
2023 Hall of Fame Calendar

$0 – $49

Hall of Fame Decal

$50 – $74

HOF Decal and Pin

$75 – $149

HOF Decal, Pin, Calendar

2023 Hall of Fame Tumbler
2023 Hall of Fame Hat
2023 Hall of Fame Jacket
2023 Hall of Fame Days Logo

$150 – $399

HOF Decal, Pin, Calendar, and Tumbler

$400 – $999

HOF Decal, Pin, Calendar, Tumbler, Hat and Sponsor Jacket

$1,000 – $2,499

HOF Decal, Pin, Calendar, Hat, Jacket, and HOF Days Experience

Vintage Motorcycle Days Logo
2023 Hall of Fame Signed Helmets
2023 Hall of Fame Signed Banners

$2,500 – $4,999

HOF Decal, Pin, Calendar, Tumbler, Hat, Jacket, HOF Days Experience, and VMD VIP Experience

$5,000 – $7,499

Decal, Pin, Calendar, Tumbler, Hat, Jacket, HOF Days Experience, VMD VIP Experience, Signed Helmet


Decal, Pin, Calendar, Tumbler, Hat, Jacket, HOF Days Experience, VMD VIP Experience, Signed Pull-up Banners

Thank you for your support!