Motocross trick Mid-air


It’s no surprise that motocross is the most popular form of motorcycle racing in the United States today.

Sky-high jumps, wheelies, whoops, ruts and more, modern motocross has it all. Featuring some of the nation’s most gifted athletes racing elbow-to-elbow on the most technical and challenging racetracks ever created, motocross delivers thrill-a-minute excitement and enough competitive drama to thrill fans, spectators and participants alike.  

Motocross races are run over man-made or man-modified terrain courses featuring steep hills, jumps and tight turns, and typically feature two races — called motos — in each class. (A combined score from each moto is calculated to determine the rider’s overall placing.)  

The AMA sanctions motocross classes for machines from 50cc to over 450cc, and for riders ranging in age from 4 to 50-plus, making it a sport for the whole family. Recognized as one of the most challenging sports in the world, motocross is also one of the most fun. 

Claim: Injured motorcyclists are uninsured and disproportionately rely upon the public to pay for their injuries.

Response: Motorcyclists are just as likely to be privately insured as any other road user.

A medical center study1 reported that injured motorcyclists in the trauma center relied on public funds a lower percentage of the time than did automobile drivers to pay their hospital bills during the same time period.

A university study2 reported that automobile drivers and motorcyclists have their medical costs covered by insurance at a nearly identical rate.

Conclusion: Injured motorcyclists are less likely than the general population to use public funds to pay for injuries sustained in crashes, and no more likely to be uninsured than other vehicle operators.

AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship

Motocross is enjoyed all over America, from hometown tracks to the annual AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship in Hurricane Mills, Tenn. MX Sports, Inc. is the organizer of the AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship.

Supplemental Regulations

AMA Vintage Motocross National Championship

In the old days, motocross was mostly grasstrack with a few jumps. That style is recreated at AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days. Racers are sure to notice that suspension has come a long way over the past several decades when they climb aboard a vintage motocross machine. Not racing? The motos can easily be viewed by spectators from different spots around the track.

AMA Arenacross National Championship Series

Motocross racing goes indoors in Arenacross, with tight courses set up inside arenas and other venues across the country. The tighter indoor tracks tend to put a premium on technique and finesse, as well as fitness.

The AMA Arenacross National Championship Series recognizes the best Arenacross racers in a number of skill-, age- and displacement-based classes. AX Promotions organizes the AMA Arenacross National Championship Series, managing the promotional aspects of the series. They work with the AMA to develop the supplemental rules and program structure.



Supercross Futures, an AMA National Championship

The Supercross Futures AMA National Championship serves as the official advancement platform to Monster Energy AMA Supercross. The AMA Supercross Futures experience is designed to produce a higher-quality, more competitive stadium racing landscape with an advancement path to professional AMA Supercross competition.

Feld Motor Sports is the AMA’s promoting partner for AMA Supercross Futures. Feld manages the promotional aspects of the series, while the AMA develops the rules and recognizes class champions. Feld Motor Sports is also the AMA’s partner in one of the world’s most recognized motorsports: AMA Supercross. This arrangement provides the perfect environment for dreams to be made, as athletes develop the skills needed to perform alongside the world’s best.

The series features the 250SX Futures Class, where racers earn points toward obtaining their 250SX pro license. Racers with A and B classifications will be selected to compete in the 250SX Futures Class. The AMA Supercross Futures Premier Qualifying events will take place as part of the Saturday AMA Supercross race-day schedule. Racers will get to compete at the same venue as the stars of AMA Supercross.


AMA ATV MX National Championship

Amateur Competition Rules

Supplemental Regulations

Competition Bulletins

Supplemental Regulations

Eligibility Approval for Non-U.S. Racers

As of 2015, all international participants looking to take part in the AMA Amateur Motocross program must submit an application for approval of their eligibility. For the AMA Amateur Motocross competition, all non-U.S. citizens or riders participating in foreign motocross competitions outside the U.S. must obtain eligibility approval prior to participating at any event, by contacting AMA Motocross Racing Department. Please follow the link to the Application for the AMA International Eligibility