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Max Colchin Joins AMA Government Relations Department as Eastern States Representative

Colchin brings wealth of legislative experience and lifelong love of motorcycles to new role with the AMA

PICKERINGTON, Ohio (June 13, 2024) — The American Motorcyclist Association completed the restructuring of its Government Relations Department by adding Eastern States Representative Max Colchin, who will work closely with motorcyclists across the Eastern United States to preserve their rights.

“Max joining our team as the Eastern States Representative completes the restructuring of our Government Relations Department. We are pleased to have him on board as we work to represent our members throughout the United States,” AMA Government Relations Director Nick Haris said. “Max’s addition will have a tremendous impact on riders in the Eastern United States, his knowledge and expertise will help protect their rights as motorcyclists.”  

Hailing from Fort Wayne, Ind., Colchin started riding motorcycles at a young age, gaining a lifelong appreciation for the motorcycling lifestyle.

Colchin’s legislative experience began during his time at Indiana University — where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in political science — as he moved to Washington D.C. during the second semester of his senior year to participate in an internship on Capitol Hill. Following his graduation, Colchin worked as a full-time staffer in the United States House of Representatives.

Now with the AMA, Colchin will use his legislative experience to serve motorcyclists across the Eastern United States.

“In my role on the AMA Government Relations team, I will apply my experience and knowledge gained from working on Capitol Hill to continue the AMA’s advocacy work in the Eastern region to protect the future of motorcycling,” Colchin said. “As a congressional staffer, I was responsible for monitoring every issue, from the most contentious debates on the House floor, to legislation renaming post offices. It was part of my responsibility to inform and educate our constituents on their areas of interest.

“I look forward to doing similar work by actively working on state-level policy and funding determinations,” Colchin continued. “Remaining actively involved in these conversations is one of the most effective ways to influence policymaking and ensure that motorcyclists’ rights and priorities are protected.”

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