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BMW E-Bike Concepts Aim for Urban Travel Solutions

BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY and i Vision AMBY offer innovative approaches to urban travel

October 27, 2021

By Keaton Maisano

The BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY and the BMW i Vision AMBY approach urban mobility in a new way with its bicycle-motorbike hybrid concept.

BMW describes the i Vision as a “high-speed pedelec” that requires the rider to pedal to receive help from the electric drive, and with a 2,000 Wh battery, the range is up to 186 miles between charges. However, the Motorrad Vision’s movement is controlled through a throttle grip and the pedals are substituted for footrests. Both vehicles lean on a modular speed concept.

“Our aim was to develop an extremely emotional vehicle for smart mobility in and around the city that offered maximum freedom,” Edgar Heinrich, Head of Design BMW Motorrad, said in a press release. “The BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY really does enable our customers to experience urban life in a whole new way, cover distances more flexibly and ‘break free’ of the city from time to time, too.”

AMBY stands for “Adaptive Mobility,” and both vehicle models are electrically powered with three different speed capabilities depending on the type of road.

On bike paths, speeds reach up to 15.5 mph while a top speed of 28 mph can be achieved on city roads. The highest speed level is 37 mph for multi-lane roads outside of the city.

The different modes are accessible through a smartphone app that connects to each BMW bike, allowing for manual adjustment of the maximum speed. However, BMW’s press release discussed the possibility of geofencing technology which will detect the road type and automatically adjust the speed cap accordingly.

“As there is currently no legal basis for such a vehicle with a modular speed concept, the idea behind the AMBY vision vehicles is to prompt legislation that will enable this kind of set-up,” the press release read. “In this way, the BMW Group is demonstrating that it will continue to be involved in providing mobility options in big cities in the future and offers innovative solutions.”

BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY
The BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY traveling through the city.

The BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY also has the potential to boast several safety features: an ABS system, automatic high beam or brake light assistant, and a distance radar with a range of nearly 460 feet that could send visual and acoustic warnings through the app when a vehicle is approaching from behind.

“BMW Motorrad is consistently pursuing its electromobility strategy for urban conurbations,” Heinrich said. “It’s a fascinating introduction to the world of BMW Motorrad that also promises maximum riding pleasure.”