Why Racers Join

An AMA membership is your license to race. Racing in AMA-Sanctioned events is your path to the coveted AMA No. 1 plate. Whether you want to be the next Ricky Johnson, Jeff Ward, or Jason Raines — or if you’re just looking for an experience worthy of launching a national championship career — you’ll find it at an AMA-Sanctioned race. Become a member of the AMA now by calling 800-AMA-JOIN (800-262-5646).

Since the AMA was established in 1924, racing has been a core function of the association’s activities. That is evident in the benefits racers realize from competing in AMA-sanctioned events. The following is a quick rundown of the benefits of AMA membership:

Access: Your AMA card is your license to race, giving you access to thousands of local, regional and national championship events all over the United States. As an AMA member, you are a card-carrying motorcycle racer.

Rules, Results, Classification: The AMA offers a standardized AMA Amateur Competition Rulebook, written by the AMA Congress, that ensures fairness and legitimacy. The AMA Racing department also compiles results submitted by clubs and promoters from all over the country in all racing disciplines sanctioned by the association. Submitted results are available here. Skill-based class assignments at an AMA-sanctioned event are based on a standardized classification process detailed in the rulebook. That means when you line up at an AMA race, the guys and gals to your left and right are about your speed.

Responsibility: To be eligible for an AMA sanction, a club or promoter must undergo risk-management training. The organizer must work to minimize risk to participants, and when injuries do occur, they must have competent medical staff on location. AMA events must carry suitable insurance coverage. AMA organizers are given access to excellent insurance. Other carriers may be used if they provide comparable coverage.

A Higher Standard: To be eligible for an AMA sanction, a club or promoter must undergo risk-management training. The organizer must work to minimize risk to participants, and when injuries do occur, the organizer must have competent medical staff on location.

National Championships: Only AMA racers are eligible to win the prestigious AMA National No. 1 plates and to compete in the series and events that award them. More than any other symbol, that No. 1 plate represents the gold standard of AMA-sanctioned competition.

Camaraderie: The greatest motorcycle racers in the country are AMA members, and many of them still compete in AMA events, even after their pro careers are behind them.

More Than Just Racing

Advocacy: The AMA is your strongest advocate in Washington, D.C. We are always working to keep riding areas and tracks open, despite challenges from municipalities and nearby landowners. Not only is the AMA the largest amateur motorsports sanctioning body in history, but it is also the country’s leading defender of motorcyclists’ rights. The AMA is on the front line of many fights, including keeping trails and tracks open, fighting discriminatory insurance policies that deny motorcyclists coverage, and battling local ordinances that shut down access to public roads and trails or even aim to stop you from riding your dirt bike on your own land. Visit our Action Center to see what’s happening in your state and around the country.

AMA Roadside Assistance: AMA Roadside Assistance Plus covers your cars, trucks, RVs and non-commercial trailers—not just for you, but also for everyone living in the member’s household. This valuable service is available at no additional cost to members who purchase a three-year membership or elect to auto-renew their membership annually. It’s paid for by the savings the AMA receives from not having to send expensive renewal mailings each year.

Deals & Discounts: AMA Member Benefit partners provide AMA members with dozens of money-saving discounts. Many of these are exclusive to AMA members and can save you more than the cost of your annual membership dues. View AMA discount partners.

American Motorcyclist: Through American Motorcyclist magazine, the AMA reports on government relations efforts, safety information, fun events for riders and exclusive money-saving member discounts.  Read American Motorcyclist online.