AMA Motorcycle Hall of Famer Gloria Tramontin-Struck is this month’s cover subject Gloria Tramontin-Struck, one of the oldest living AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame inductees, is “motorcycling’s grande dame,” according to the editors of Thunder Press. In fact, the self-described “Journal of the American V-Twin Community” has dedicated much of its May 2020, editorial package—60 pages, to be exact—to women riders, 22 of them, from Kayla Yaakov, 12, to 94-year-old Tramontin-Struck. “Nearly 80 years ago, when Gloria Tramontin-Struck first began riding,” the introduction to the section begins, “she was denied gas, lodging and ridiculed for riding a motorcycle. “Fortunately, the world has changed, and today more than 20 percent of riders are female. Those numbers continue to increase as more women discover the life-changing freedom and personal satisfaction that come with riding motorcycles. “As one woman told us, ‘Every time I ride, it changes my life.’” “Women Riders World Relay” founder (and 2019 AMA Motorcyclist of the Year) Hayley Bell, teenaged bike builder Emmi Cupp, apparel designer Natalie Kleiner and Michelle DiSalvo, who wrenched Briar Bauman to the 2019 American Flat Track AMA Grand National Championship, are among the individuals profiled. Bauman’s fiancé, Shayna Texter, AFT’s winningest current Singles rider,

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