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Tyler Scott on Flat Track Racing

By Kali Kotoski

June 10, 2022

Flat track racing has long been a proving ground for young racers aiming to gain experience, master control of the bike, build up endurance and, of course, earn a bunch of much-vaunted wins, titles and trophies to fill up that case at home.

And 16-year-old Tyler Scott has plenty of them. After he first entered the dirt oval, he quickly proved himself a dirt track prodigy, ultimately earning 13 AMA Grand Championships at the amateur level while being named AMA Youth Dirt Track Racer of the Year four different times.

Part of that success is because flat track is in his blood, with his father, Mike Scott, being a former professional racer.

Tyler Scott with his bike.

“So, my dad used to race flat track before I was around and when he got me into motorcycles I first started on a Yamaha PW50,” Scott told American Motorcyclist. “It kind of just went off from there.”

What helped Scott was the low entrance barrier to flat track racing, given that all a racer needs are some flat dirt, a bike and ambition.

“You don’t have to start on a 450 or anything big,” he said. “Just go out in a field and just have some fun. A steel shoe is nice, but even if you don’t have one just get out and ride. It could kick start it from there.”

Scott’s home district is AMA District 6 in Pennsylvania, which has a thriving competitive environment, helped him hone his skills to graduate to the flat track grand national level.

Tyler Scott makes a turn.

“Racing organizations on all levels are really important for the growth of young racers,” Scott said. “They help you find more speed and get faster and faster and prepare you to be ready when you step up in nationals. A good series gives you a base.”

Today, Scott is narrowing his focus this season to road racing after winning the 2021 MotoAmerica Junior Cup in commanding fashion. He joined Team Hammer for the 2022 MotoAmerica Supersport championship aboard a Vision Wheel M4 ECSTAR Suzuki GSX-R and recently secured his first win of the season.

“The win felt great,” he said. “I had never really ridden a bike that big, and it is fun to see how I have adjusted and continue to build and improve.”

While flat track racing is likely in the rearview this season, Scott credits it with giving him the versatile skills to be a multi-discipline racer.

“Going from flat track to road racing was a big help because I already learned how to control the bike and was comfortable with the back sliding out,” he said. “While the styles and forms are different, I would highly encourage road racers to try flat track.”

Tyler Scott road racing.