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The AMA and On Track School team up to support continuing education through scholarships for racers

June 29, 2021

By Joy Burgess

In 2018, the AMA and the On Track School discussed the need for continuing educational support for racers, and together came up with a program to award scholarship funds at approved sanctioned races. Over the following year, members of On Track School continued to meet with AMA representatives, conducted research, met with MX Sports to expand the reach of the program and presented findings to the AMA, supporting a plan to implement based on a successful model shared by the USA BMX Foundation. The very first event, coined Cash for Class, took place in Nov. 2019 at the Georgia Practice Facility (GFP) in Cairo, Ga.

Cash for Class brought in 190 individual race entrees and raised more than $12,500 in donations. Of that, $9,300 was paid in scholarship certificates to 529 education savings plans, and in 2020, $15,140 was paid in scholarships from the second Cash for Class Scholarship Race at GPF. Additional funds donated from these events have been rolled over to be used in 2021. Donations are held in an endowment fund by On Track Learning Solutions, Inc.

An established advisory scholarship panel is in place, including On Track School, GPF, AMA Director of Racing Mike Pelletier, AMA Deputy Director of Racing/Motocross Manager Michael Burkeen, AMA Racing Program Manager Alexandria Kovacs, MX Sports, and former AMA Pro Motocross and AMA Supercross Champion Jeff Emig.

The next event will be held at GPF in Cairo, Ga. in Nov. 2021, an AMA Featured event. Stay tuned for more updates and coverage of November’s scholarship race.

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This story appeared in the June issue of American Motorcyclist.

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