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American Motorcyclist August 2021 Cover Featuring Brittany Morrow

This Month in American Motorcyclist

Members Only! Digital Version of our August Edition Featuring Brittany Morrow

Here are two vital things to remember as the summer riding season hits its peak: One, survival is key on and off the mean streets. And two, August cover girl Brittany Morrow is a Total Bad Ass! And we’re betting you will NOT BELIEVE her story. She fell off the back of a motorcycle at high speed, slid more than 500 feet, wasn’t wearing any protective gear to speak of (except a helmet, thank God), lost more than half of her skin and nearly died from blood loss. She endured painful skin grafts and extensive rehab, but — amazingly — rebounded like a champ. She not only learned to ride herself, she became a riding instructor and advocate for continual skills training and proper gear usage so others wouldn’t suffer her fate. She’s gritty, inspirational and amazingly brave, and you can read all about her — and a lot more — in our August issue, which is starting to hit mailboxes right now. Enjoy!
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