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Reach the largest and most qualified motorcycling audience.

Published 12 times per year, American Motorcyclist is the largest-circulated print motorcycle magazine in the United States. Conceived, written and produced by some of the industry’s leading journalists and designers, American Motorcyclist covers riders, riding, racing, history, legislative affairs and much more in a compelling, informative  and entertaining way. Advertising in American Motorcyclist gets your company’s brand and products in front of our many AMA members.

  • 100% subscription-based

  • 409,448 – 2.5% pass-around readership

  • 47 Median Age

  • 83% of subscribers have read the last 3 issues

  • 70% will take action on advertising

  • 70,000 active racers reached each month

Advertising in American Motorcyclist delivers your brand and product message to a massive group of motorcyclists with substantial buying power. Campaigns can be customized based on your budget, seasonality and business model which will increase sales and brand recognition in the motorcycle market. American Motorcyclist readers are more than magazine subscribers. They’re members of the American Motorcyclist Association and deeply involved in the motorcyclist lifestyle for the long haul.

Our readers ride more, do more, see more and buy more than ordinary motorcyclists. On average, they lay down a tremendous amount of miles on the road and enter AMA-sanctioned events 900,000 times. They own multiple motorcycles and have interests in numerous categories of our sport.

  • Road Riding:  American Motorcyclist readers ride on average 7,010 miles per year — 3.5 times what an ordinary motorcyclist rides. They are heavily invested in motorcycling and surround themselves with like-minded riders. There is no better audience for your products than AMA members.
  • Off-Road Riding:  Dirt trails and byways are the native habitat for roughly 115,000 American Motorcyclist readers. These riders represent a close-knit family of enthusiasts who ride with parents, children, friends and club members.
  • Actively Racing:  The AMA is the largest motorsports-sanctioning body in the world. American Motorcyclist reaches roughly 70,000+ active racers. These racers buy products that power their passion for competition.

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