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Since 2005, AMA Supercross Live Timing and Scoring has delivered the most dedicated SX fans for an average of nearly an hour* per user every race day. For the three days following the race, we continue to deliver an audience average of over 48 minutes* per unique visitor. With the AMA’s SX Results page, that’s a reality as well.

Advertising space is available on the AMA Supercross Live Timing and Scoring window, which updates lap times and leaderboards in real time directly from the transponders on the bikes themselves, from the first lap of practice through the end of the main event.

We allow a maximum of 3 advertisers on each ad unit and reward our skin advertiser with 100% SOV. Join us for the 2020 season and watch your brand message be delivered to the most dedicated supercross fans. | 2019 Season Traffic

  • 2019 Users:  344,296
  • 2019 Pageviews:  1,786,362
  • 2019 Average Time Spent in Minutes: 14:51* | 2019 Season Traffic

  • 2019 Users:  530,024
  • 2019 Pageviews:  2,371,853
  • Bounce Rate:  8.33 percent
  • 2019 Average Time Spent in minutes: 10.57* Mobile Version

Mobile version of websites deliver some of the best response to advertising available. The mobile version of AMA Live Timing and Scoring is no different. With a simplified layout, this version of Timing and Scoring is faster and easier to follow on smaller screens, all while delivering the information Supercross fans expect during races. Click-through rates are exceptional, so by sure to add this channel to our online campaign in 2020!

AMA Monster Energy Supercross App

SX fans can access the official AMA Supercross Timing and Scoring and Results information on their mobile devices with the AMA Supercross App. Available for Apple and Android, the app delivers the functionality of our SX sites in a mobile format.

With over 1.2 million+ screenviews in the 2019 AMA Supercross season, the AMA Supercross App delivers a very passionate and engaged audience. Click-through rates are extremely high, so get your message in front of a very qualified Supercross audience by including the app in your marketing mix.


For more information and pricing, contact Michael Kula at

Download the complete advertising and sponsorship media kit.


*Due to changes in Google’s average session duration in 2016, all users’ sessions time out after average 15 minutes per session. All previous years’ metrics reported average 60 minutes on the site.