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Greenger, Honda Create Youth-Focused, Electric Dirt Bike

Greenger Powersports and American Honda craft CRF-E2 for younger riders

April 5, 2022

By Keaton Maisano

Greenger Powersports and American Honda aim to improve and adapt dirt bikes for the next generation of riders with the creation of the Greenger x Honda CRF-E2 — an electric dirt bike.

Unveiled March 8, the CRF-E2 is presented as an electric equivalent of a 50cc without the noise, emission and heat that come from a gas engine. While emphasizing its electric and environmentally friendly nature, the dirt bike is also focused on training as it eliminates a rider’s need to operate a clutch or shift lever.

Beyond the bike’s specs, the CRF-E2 aspires to be more affordable and available to families.

“The CRF-E2 will expand the enjoyment of riding off-road on two wheels to more families,” said Brad Chapman, Greenger Powersports Manager of Sales and Marketing. “The appeal to traditional enthusiasts is obvious, as it’s just a cool little dirt bike. At the same time, it breaks down barriers with people who wouldn’t otherwise consider powersports, but who are already comfortable with electricity’s increasingly ubiquitous role in our society. We can’t wait to see more kids getting the chance to discover what dirt bikes are all about.”

A closer look at the Honda CRF-E2.

Powered by a 48-volt BLDC electric motor with an inner rotor, the CRF-E2 has a maximum output of 3.4 horsepower and 18.4 foot-pounds of torque.

The CRF-E2’s lithium-ion battery lasts around two hours on a full charge. While an available spare battery offers the option of a quick swap to continue riding, the battery charges to full capacity in four hours — a timeframe that can be reduced by 90 minutes with the optional quick-charge system.

Aimed at riders weighing 99 pounds or less, the bike’s seat height can be adjusted between 24.8 inches and 25.5 inches.

With features aimed for training younger riders, the bike’s creation aligns with Honda’s effort to improve riding for the next generation.

“We’re pleased to partner with Greenger Powersports to offer an innovative, approachable electric dirt bike to our customers and dealers,” said Bill Savino, American Honda Senior Manager of Customer Engagement. “One of Honda’s mission statements is ‘ensuring the joys for the next generation,’ and the CRF-E2 clearly aligns with that objective. We look forward to working together with Greenger to grow motorcycling well into the future.”

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The Greenger, Honda CRF-E2 in action.

Photos by Jonnum Media