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American Motorcyclist Association Celebrates Independence Day and the Freedom to Ride

The AMA encourages drivers to watch for motorcyclists and urges riders to use extra caution

PICKERINGTON, Ohio (July 1, 2022) — Independence Day on July 4 presents the perfect time to stop and appreciate the hard-won freedoms we enjoy today, including the freedom to ride motorcycles. The American Motorcyclist Association pauses this Independence Day to celebrate the birthday of America while honoring those who’ve bravely served our great nation.

Despite rising fuel prices, many Americans plan to travel for the holiday, celebrating America’s independence with backyard barbecues, beach and lake trips, and cruises through the stunning scenery our country offers. The celebrations often end with a fireworks display at a local venue, which results in even more motorists on the roads on the evening of July 4.

“We urge drivers to watch for motorcyclists while traveling to and from the holiday’s celebrations, as more motorcyclists will likely be out enjoying the freedom of the road throughout the holiday weekend,” said AMA President and CEO Rob Dingman. “We also encourage motorcyclists to use extra caution on the road.”

Impaired and distracted driving become more prevalent during holiday travel times. While this increases the risks to all motorists, motorcyclists are more vulnerable.

“The AMA reminds all motorists to not drink and drive,” Dingman added, “and motorcyclists need to heed that warning, too. We want everyone to arrive safely at their destination, so they’re able to enjoy their celebrations this holiday weekend.”