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The Right Way

Sept. 1, 2022

By Keaton Maisano

What makes AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days special?

Is it the high-action vintage racing? The mind-boggling scope of the swap meet? Or maybe it’s just the overall two-wheel celebration?

Well, the answer will likely differ depending on who you ask, but there is one thing that undoubtedly makes it unlike anything else: the people.

Cliff Duris is among the people that make their way to Lexington, Ohio, each year, and while he does not dominate podiums or have a flashy plot in the swap meet, the Ashland, Va., resident proved through a simple deed that it is indeed the people that make VMD special.

During the early moments of the hare scrambles that took place on the opening day of 2022 VMD, several riders struggled at the section that entered the woods and, as a result, missed the course’s designated turn.

Seeing this, Duris decided to set up his bike near the turn and point out the turn as riders passed by to ensure they would continue on the correct path.

Duris, who has attended VMD a dozen times, said he just wanted to help.

“I come here because I love motorcycles, and I started pointing so people would stop running off the track,” Duris simply said.

Cliff Duris points a racer in the right direction during a race at AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days.

While he spent his early Friday afternoon at VMD observing the hare scrambles and lending a helping hand — or more accurately, a helping finger — Duris always makes sure to feed his craving for vintage bikes at the swap meet, which he has utilized to fix up multiple motorcycles.

Like many who attend VMD, Duris’ VMD story is rooted in family. First attending with his father, who got him hooked on the swap meet, Duris has since brought his son to partake in the festivities.

So next time you attend VMD and you’re enjoying all the moto madness, take a moment to look around at the crowd, because you will find thousands of people like Duris, who are there for the love of motorcycles and are always willing to lend a helping hand. And is there anything more special than that?