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NHHA Heads into 2024 Wide-Open for Both NHH and WHS

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Information from a NHHA press release

NHHA Leadership and Ownership Updates

LAKE ELSINORE, Calif. (Dec 22, 2023) — The National Hare & Hound Association (NHHA) is thrilled to head into 2024 once again as the promoting body for both the AMA National Hare & Hound Championship Series and the AMA West Hare Scrambles (WHS) Regional Championship Series.

Hare & hound (H&H) racing has been a staple of motorcycle competition in the western U.S. and is, by AMA definition, an off-road race usually in the desert and on unimproved terrain over a marked course with a minimum distance of 60 miles. It can be either point-to-point or run over at least two loops, the majority of each loop run only once.

A hare scrambles, on the other hand, “…is conducted over a closed course, using trails and paths over natural terrain. These races are run for either a specified number of laps or leader’s overall time; for the Pro/AA race, this is two and a half to three hours. Hare scrambles tend to be on tighter trails in the woods on courses 10-15 miles long.

While the AMA is the sport’s sanctioning body, the NHHA is a promotions group originally created in 2009 by four AMA District 37 clubs—100s M.C., Desert M.C., Four Aces M.C. and Vikings M.C.—who’d earned the promoting rights from the AMA. The NHHA acquired the rights to the WHS series in 2014.

Since 2015, Meg Argubright and Jacob Michna have captained the NHHA, Argubright serving as Chairman and Michna the Race Director. Since then, the duo have grown and evolved both series’ into a consistent, professional, modern experience for racers, spectators and sponsors alike. Most recently, Argubright acquired NHHA ownership in early 2023, alongside Michna.

Change is, however, inevitable and after eight years of continued innovation and growth in both series, Jacob Michna has decided to shift gears and move on to a new career path. While he’ll be sorely missed, his effort in the sport has laid a solid foundation for the NHHA group to continue building on.

Argubright will assume the NHHA leadership role going forward and notes, “Our organization is what it is today thanks to the efforts of Jacob Michna and his relentless hard work and passion for the sport of off-road motorcycle racing. The impact he made for our sport raised the bar of expectation for professional off-road motorcycle racing in the greater Western United States and we are better because of him.”

“Moving into the 2024 season, I am incredibly excited to continue pursuing our vision—alongside our talented NHHA team—through our mission of elevating the National Hare & Hound and West Hare Scrambles series by providing a truly authentic, consistent and professional experience.”