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Get roadside help with AMA Life Member Plus

You can do something special for yourself and your family by upgrading your AMA Life Member status to Life Member Plus.

Motorcyclists in this elite class are enrolled in the AMA Roadside Assistance Plus program that covers all of the motorcycles, cars, trucks and RVs in the AMA Life Member Plus member’s household. Yes, that means your kids’ cars are covered as well.

That’s great roadside assistance protection for everyone in the family for just $29 a year. In addition, motorcyclists in this elite class get American Motorcyclist magazine delivered to their doors monthly, a special membership card, a pin and decal. Other organizations charge $50, $75, $100 or more for unlimited roadside assistance coverage for motorcycles, cars and RVs. This program is only available to AMA members.

For detailed information about AMA Roadside Assistance Plus program go to

Becoming an AMA Life Member Plus member also supports motorcycling now and into the future by backing the AMA, which is the largest motorcyclists’ rights organization on the planet.

Get more benefits for yourself and help protect your family on the road by calling AMA Member Services at (800) AMA-JOIN (262-5646) to become an AMA Life Member Plus member.

Participation in the AMA Life Member Plus program is entirely voluntary. AMA Life Members who don’t upgrade to AMA Life Member Plus still enjoy many benefits of AMA membership, including the ability to compete in AMA-sanctioned events, full access to all the members-only content on this website, the electronic version of American Motorcyclist and eligibility for all money-saving AMA member discounts.