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Fairfield Community Supports Organization Visits AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum

October 11, 2021

By Keaton Maisano

A love for motorcycles was on full display Oct. 8 when a group from the Fairfield Community Supports organization toured the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum.

Fairfield Community Supports — which strives to help individuals of different abilities to live as independent and productive members of their communities — had a group of five members and two staffers travel from its Logan, Ohio, location for a self-guided tour of the museum.

“They really enjoyed [the museum],” Baylee VanCooney, the ADS Director of On the Farm at Fairfield Community Supports, said. “They love all the different motorcycles.”

Among the group of motorcycle enthusiasts was Quentin, who was making his inaugural visit to the museum. Although a first time in the museum, Quentin’s personal motorcycling history traces back to his mother who rides.

Along the tour Quentin spoke of his love for Harley-Davidsons, but his favorite bike — Mystery Ship — was found within the first two minutes of the tour.

Mystery Ship exhibit in the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum

Like Quentin, Roger’s love for motorcycles has familial roots. In his case, the fascination sparked when he occasionally rode around on his family’s red ATV growing up.

Although several motorcycles resonated with him throughout the tour, Roger was in awe of an old bike with a Solex motor attached to the front wheel — a unique feature he was quick to point out.

However, no one was trying to take in the moment quite like Stephanie. Through her rainbow-framed glasses, she made sure to snap a picture of as many different exhibits throughout the museum as she could to show her husband Charlie, who was unable to make the trip.

While they all took it in their own way, the experience was summed up simply by Quentin as they were finishing the tour: “This is a nice museum.”