Be Prepared for Mechanical Woes

Imagine you’re far from home on a great ride and suddenly your bike breaks down. What would you do?

You could be in a real jam. But a little thought before you hit the road could get you out of trouble. Hopefully the problem that stalled your bike can be corrected quickly with the right tools.

Do you have the right tools with you for roadside repairs? It’s better to find out while you’re at home and your bike is running than on the side of the road when it isn’t.

Some tool kits have everything you need. But sometimes you need some specialty tools to get that job done that aren’t included in a standard tool kit. For example, does your bike require Torx bits for some fasteners? Are there some nuts and bolts you could reach better with a ratchet than the 10 mm wrench that came with your toolkit? The best way to know if you’ve got what you need for simple repairs is to use your bike tool kit when you do those repairs in the garage.

But what do you do if your bike can’t be fixed alongside the road? That’s where the AMA Roadside Assistance Plus program comes in.  AMA Roadside Assistance Plus includes unlimited service calls a year for all vehicles registered to your household. It includes motorcycles, cars, trucks, trailers and RVs. It does not cover commercial vehicles or commercial trailers.

AMA Roadside Assistance Plus is an included benefit in the AMA Life Member Plus program. AMA Life Members who pay the $29 annual fee to upgrade to AMA Life Member Plus receive all the benefits of AMA Roadside Assistance Plus as well as the monthly American Motorcyclist magazine in the mail.

Besides getting peace of mind with the roadside assistance program, your AMA Life Member Plus membership is a further commitment to motorcycling, providing funds to support the largest motorcyclists’ rights organization in America.

For more information about the AMA Life Member Plus program call (800) AMA-JOIN (262-5646) and speak with an AMA member services representative. For information about the AMA Roadside Assistance Plus program, go to