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AMA Sound Meter Program Open for 2022

June 14, 2022

By Kali Kotoski

The American Motorcyclist Association’s Sound Test Kit Program is officially open for 2022 applications. The program is administered by the AMA’s Government Relations Department and provides kits to AMA Districts, club members, race organizers and others who educate riders about sound levels. The kit contains a Type 2 sound meter, a tachometer, training materials, a spark-arrestor probe, personal protective equipment and a storage case.

The goal of the sound meter project is to educate riders about acceptable sound levels according to AMA guidelines, while being able to show quantitative data to complainants about levels that fall within acceptable legal ranges. With the AMA’s mission to keep off- and on-road riding areas open to the public, the program aims to prevent the implementation of laws and regulations that specifically target riders. For more information on applying, contact Erin Reda, AMA Government Relations Grassroots Coordinator, at