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AMA & Edelweiss Alps Challenge Tour

Come ride the amazing Alps with us in August!

April 7, 2021

By Mitch Boehm

Photos by Edelweiss Bike Travel

If you’ve been around motorcycling a good bit it’s a good bet you’ve heard or read about it – the it being a motorcycle tour of the Alps, a region offering some of the most epic rides in all of motorcycling.

From the twisty, challenging roads and epic mountain passes, to the lush valleys and quaint little towns, to the soaring Alpine peaks, to the glaciers and lakes, to the warm hospitality, unique Alpine cultures, history and sublime food and drink, there is literally nothing on earth quite like touring the Alps. Ask anyone who’s done it and get ready to get an earful.

The good news is that, this coming summer in late August, the AMA and Edelweiss Bike Travel are teaming up to offer what we’re calling the AMA Alps Challenge Tour…and you’re invited!

Check the link below for details, but the basics are these: We’ll start in Munich, ride south into the Austria, and spend the next seven days exploring a host of high mountain passes, geography, historical towns and the unique Alpine culture of Austria, Italy and Switzerland. It’s an epic experience, and one you’ll remember for the rest of your days.

You’ll wake up, grab a yummy breakfast, have a short meeting with the group, head out on your bike of choice (adventure tourers are ideal here, trust us), ride like crazy, grab espresso along the way, ride some more, take in a superb lunch, ride like crazy some more and, finally, check in at the evening’s hotel, where you’ll clean up and head down to the restaurant (or bar) for some refreshing beverages, tall tales (and some lies!) from the day and a sumptuous Alpine meal. Then it’s up to your room for some rest (under a foot-thick down comforter!) so you can do it all over again the next day. Sound good? You betcha!

Included in tour pricing (which starts at around $4500 per person including bike rental but not travel to Munich) are comfortable, mid-level hotels with an Alpine flair, breakfasts, two picnic lunches along the route, dinners, insurance, tour guides, a support van, etc. The link below has pretty much all the information you’ll need, but contact the folks at Edelweiss at should you have any other questions.

It’s looks like Editorial Director Boehm called dibs on AMA representation during the tour, so we’re hoping some of you can report back to tell us just how slow he really is! We’ll continue to update things here and in the pages of American Motorcyclist, so stay tuned. Hope you can join us!