Through the AMA EAGLES program, members learn more about the association in order to become better volunteers, grassroots activists and membership promoters. Together, we will promote the motorcycle lifestyle and protect the future of motorcycling.

AMA EAGLES is a series of on-demand, educational training modules that empowers individuals with knowledge, tools and resources tailored to their interests.

There is no cost for AMA members to participate in EAGLES training.

EAGLES Program Objectives

  • To identify, train and support volunteers and volunteer leaders
  • To disseminate accurate information about the history, structure, management and activities of the AMA
  • To develop an elite corps of AMA members who will pursue a personal commitment to:
    • Positively represent the AMA and the motorcycling community.
    • Recruit AMA members to help the association grow.
    • Seek opportunities to communicate the positive aspects of motorcycling to the public.
    • Become grassroots activists to help the AMA pursue regulations and laws that benefit motorcyclists.
    • Seek new and creative ways to use their knowledge as AMA EAGLES to promote the motorcycle lifestyle and protect the future of motorcycling.

Core AMA EAGLES Programs

  • Education — AMA History and Overview
  • Activism — Rights: Grassroots Activism
  • Growth — Membership 101

Advanced EAGLES Programs

Advanced EAGLES programs represent a more significant amount of time and personal commitment. Completion of these modules prepares the member for volunteer leadership within the AMA.

Elements of Expertise modules include:

  • Position Statements
  • Advanced Membership
  • Getting Involved
  • Riding Disciplines
  • Racing Disciplines
  • Risk Management

In Skills modules, members may choose one or complete all three. Those modules include:

  • Rights
  • Riding
  • Racing

The Leadership module urges you to action. Members will choose one task to complete:

  • Participate in trail maintenance and encourage others to volunteer with you
  • Volunteer at an AMA-sanctioned ride or race
  • Meet with an elected official or attend a town hall meeting
  • Give a presentation to or talk about the AMA with a local organization or club (motorcycle entity or not)
  • Meet with a local land manager for a public land to discuss threats and challenges to riding opportunities
  • Serve on a Recreational Riding Commission (need to serve at least a year)
  • Serve as an AMA State Chapter coordinator

Get Started in EAGLES

View this document to learn how to sign into Google Classroom, where AMA EAGLES learning modules are hosted.

In-Person EAGLES Training

From time to time, the AMA offers EAGLES training sessions led by AMA staff members or AMA volunteers who have completed EAGLES training.

Order EAGLES Patches

After you’ve completed EAGLES, you can order patches via this form.


Questions regarding EAGLES training should be directed to