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Yamaha’s Masters of Torque deliver the dark side of Japan for 2020

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MARIETTA, Ga. – Expanding on last month’s introduction of the all-new entry-level MT-03 Hyper Naked motorcycle, Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA, today introduced the balance ofi its MT (Master of Torque) lineup for 2020. The lightweight and torque-inspired twin-cylinder MT-07, the agile-handling triple-cylinder MT-09, and the potent four-cylinder MT-10 will offer performance and design inspired by the Dark Side of Japan when they arrive at Yamaha dealers this month.

The Dark Side of Japan
Many see Japan as a traditional and respectful society where conformity is the norm, but behind this stereotypical image lies a vibrant sub-culture where new fashions and ideas are constantly emerging. These same creative forces that drive the darker and unconventional side have inspired and shaped the unique MT motorcycles, giving every rider the chance to experience thrilling torque, outstanding agility and provocative design from the Dark Side of Japan.

MT-07 – Dark Attraction


Popularity has never been a problem for the MT-07, with riders of all skill levels instantly attracted to its 689cc torquey twin-cylinder engine, narrow frame design, and lightweight, neutral handling character. The 2020 model continues to offer thrilling performance with outstanding value thanks to an MSRP of $7,599. Available in Ice Fluo, Team Yamaha Blue, and Matte Raven Black color schemes, the 2020 MT-07 arrives at authorized Yamaha dealerships beginning in November 2019.



MT-09 – Eyes of Darkness


As Yamaha’s original class-defining Hyper Naked Sportbike, the MT-09 boasts aggressive style and impressive performance. Featuring a potent 847cc inline triple-cylinder engine, a sporty chassis with adjustable suspension, electronic rider aids, and comfortable ergonomics, this Master of Torque is ready to impress. The 2020 MT-09 will be available from authorized Yamaha dealers in Ice Fluo, Team Yamaha Blue, and Matte Raven Black color schemes for an MSRP of $8,999 beginning in November 2019.



MT-10 – Master the Darkness


Powered by a potent 998cc inline 4-cylinder engine that features the same Crossplane Crankshaft technology developed in Yamaha’s renowned YZF-R1 superbike, the MT-10 offers the pinnacle of torque with arm-stretching acceleration. Sophisticated electronic control technology, a lightweight and responsive chassis, suspension with a wide range of adjustability, comfortable ergonomics, and aggressive styling combine to let riders dominate the road. The 2020 MT-10 will be available from authorized Yamaha dealers for an MSRP of $12,999 in Ice Fluo and Matte Raven Black color schemes beginning in November 2019.


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