Use Your AMA Discount to Save on MAD Maps

When it’s time to plan your next motorcycle road trip, be sure to use your 15 percent AMA member discount to get MAD Maps that guide you to some of the best riding in America.

Whether you want to explore a state or several states, make a cross-country trip or do some riding outside big cities, MAD Maps has you covered. Mad Maps can even put together custom maps.

The company’s “Rides of a Lifetime” maps guide you along Route 66, the Southwest United States or up the West Coast on the Pacific Coast Highway. Besides the routes, the maps include notable roadside attractions and great places to stop.

If you want to explore a state, MAD Maps offers “State Maps” that feature great roads, unique dining experiences and enjoyable side trips. States include Washington and Oregon; northern California; southern California and southern Nevada; Sierra Nevada; Arizona and Utah; Colorado and New Mexico; Idaho, west Montana, northwest Wyoming; the Dakotas; Kansas; Oklahoma; the Texas panhandle and more.

MAD Maps “City Maps” offer turn-by-turn directions out of town for scenic rides. Maps are available for Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Daytona Beach, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Laconia, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and others.

MAD Maps also offers “Custom Maps.” The company says: “With our massive database of great rides, and points of interest, all over the U.S., we’re able to compile various maps into one of your preference. In addition, we can use our map cartography, covering an area of your event, and populate the boundaries with content you provide. This is great for corporate events and personalized adventures.”

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