To AMA event and business partners

We remain open for business

Dear AMA Partner,

As are all of you, the American Motorcyclist Association continues to monitor, respond and take preemptive measures during the unprecedented developments concerning the COVID-19 coronavirus situation.

Ohio’s governor has asked all nonessential businesses to put into place remote work plans. The AMA is responding by outfitting and training certain employees to work from home. We are approaching this in a measured, careful way to ensure all tasks can be done efficiently and accurately.

As part of that process, we are doing a practice run today, March 20, with plans to begin remote operations in earnest on Monday, March 23. During our practice run, we will test and measure our networks, connectivity and communications in case we have to make adjustments leading into next week.

Our mission to promote and protect the motorcycle lifestyle is always our priority. Part of how we achieve that mission is our work with you, our valued partners, in organizing member activity, rides, races, member benefits and more. Our relationship with you and your organization is invaluable to our success, and we will continue to honor that relationship while adhering to federal, state and local regulations to keep our employees as safe and as healthy as possible.

We’d like to stress that we are open for business. Our team stands ready to handle your chartering, sanctioning, insurance, membership and other needs. You can continue to reach us anytime at (800) 262-5646 or (614) 856-1900. Your contact person(s) at the AMA remains the same, and you can continue to email or call them as you always have.

These uncertain times are difficult for all of us. We are proud of our many relationships. Like you, we work with the best organizations in the best industry in the world. We can think of no better partners than all of you to help us navigate the world of motorcycling to the other side of this crisis.

James Holter

Chief Operating Officer
American Motorcyclist Association