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There’s still time to get in on this year’s AMA Grand Tours

The AMA Grand Tours offer great adventures that you ride on your own schedule.
There’s still time to get in on the action, but you need to be quick because most of these tours end in November.

So get out and ride!

    • AMA Classic Grand Tour: April 1-Nov. 1, 2019. The AMA Classic Grand Tour celebrates the AMA’s 95th anniversary. The AMA Classic Grand Tour was previously held in 2009 and 2003. Do you know what the towns of Jamaica Plain, Mass.; Kalamazoo, Mich.; and Panama City, Fla., have in common? They’re towns that have the sequential letters A-M-A in their names, and these can be a participation point on your AMA Classic Grand Tour. But it doesn’t just have to be a town name. Your submission can be anything that is signage: a street sign, park sign or business billboard. (
    • AMA District 2 Polar Bear Grand Tour: Jan. 6-Dec. 22. If you live in the Northeast, join riders starting in the winter season, where they ride to points each Sunday in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Connecticut. Of course, the rides continue year-round, but they start in the winter. (
    • The SCMA USA Four Corners Tour: Jan. 15-Nov. 30. This journey offers two different USA Four Corner Tours: the “Regular” and the “True X.” The organizer will send a package containing the materials for the ride you choose. The organizer will review your completion of either ride once they receive your finisher’s package. (
    • The SCMA USA 15 Best Roads Tour: Jan. 15-Nov. 30. This challenge started in the spring of 2011 after the AMA published a “Best 15 Roads” article in American Motorcyclist magazine. Two riders took the challenge that year: Kathy and Larry Lamarche from Canada. Since then many riders have accomplished the feat. The list was updated in 2016 with three replacement roads and a route change to an existing road group unit. (
    • The SCMA California Parks Adventure Series: Jan. 15-Nov. 30. The California Parks Adventure challenges riders to visit all the National Parks in California. There are now 25 National Park sites stretching from Cabrillo National Monument on Point Loma in San Diego to the Lava Beds and Redwoods in northern California. The challenge is to ride to each park within a calendar year and document that visit with photograph and a stamp from the visitor center in your SCMA Passport. (
    • The SCMA California Missions Tour: Jan. 15-Nov. 30. The 21 Spanish missions established from 1769 to 1823 extend from the coastal seaport of San Diego to the Sonoma Valley. For the California Missions Tour, riders will add a photo of themselves at each of location in their passport book purchased from SCMA detailing all 21 locations. Riders then submit the completed passport and attend an Annual Awards Banquet where SCMA will present them with a CA Missions pin and plaque. (