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American Motorcyclist Association Opposes Planned E15 Waiver

The waiver would allow for summertime E15 gasoline sales and potentially weaken already inadequate labeling standards PICKERINGTON, Ohio (April 18, 2022) —The American Motorcyclist Association strongly opposes the emergency waiver to allow summertime sales of E15 recently announced by the Biden administration, along with any attempt to weaken the already inadequate labeling standards at the

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Peril at the Pump

Ethanol-based fuels are not only harmful to motorcycle engines and the environment, they are often purposely mislabeled to keep consumers in the dark March 21, 2022 By Kali Kotoski Photos: Jeff Kardas Life is full of choices, but even at the gas station there can be bad ones if you’re not an informed motorcyclist. For

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