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Ride The Alps with Us In 2022!

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The AMA teams up with Edelweiss Bike Travel again this coming year for two epic tours

By Mitch Boehm

Nov. 29, 2021

If you’re lucky, a good number of the it changed my life events in your lifetime will be positive and memorable ones. And if you’re a motorcyclist who’s ridden the Alps, you’re almost certainly in that group.

Ask anyone who’s ridden there, and they’ll tell you straight away: The alps are epic! The roads, the geography, the culture, the food and the history are top-notch, and you can go again and again and never be bored.

And that explains why, on the heels of the inaugural 2021 AMA Alps Challenge Tour in late August (see our November 2021 issue for the full report), we’re doing it again in 2022, but this time with two tours: A re-creation of the Alps Challenge I summiting more than a dozen passes, and an Alps Challenge II trek focusing on Italy, Switzerland and France — and ten or so more epic passes.

Alps tour twisties

The Alps Challenge I tour this past August was awesome. With a mix of AMA members from around the country and a handful of my friends (none of whom had ever ridden in the Alps), we had a total blast each and every day, riding the rollercoaster-esque roads, negotiating the many switchback-infested passes, enjoying the amazing geography and history of the region, and of course sampling the local food and — at night — adult beverages. It was easily the best Alps trip of my life, and I’ve been on several.

From the November feature: We summited Stelvia for the third time on Day 6 (why pass up the chance?), this time heading North as we began the trek back toward Germany, and had another amazing cappuccino at the Tibet Hutte ristorante at the top. We visited Glurns, Italy’s smallest city, and the sunken church at Graun, halfway submerged in Lago di Resia. A second picnic, this time from Domenico (and Teresa, who took a day off from riding on the back of husband Paul’s Triumph Tiger), waited for us alongside the Inn river at Pfunds, after which we did a couple more passes on our way to Langenfeld, smack in the middle of the Otztal Valley. More beautiful valleys, more stunning peaks, more ski areas and lifts, and all that lovely Tyrolean, ski-chalet architecture…it never once got old.

AMA Alps Challenge Tour group

So come ride with us in 2022, either on the AMA Alps Challenge I (the 2021 route, for those who missed last year), or the AMA Alps Challenge II, which starts in Milan, Italy and moves north and west into Switzerland and France. Either one is bound to be life-changing, and you can’t have enough of those good experiences in your life bucket, right?

For more information, please contact Edelweiss Bike Travel at, or dial up this link for a direct access to the Alps Challenge Tour page:

Alps lookout