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Official Factory Service Manuals Available

Having a service manual for your bike makes life a lot easier when you need to fix a problem, or when you want to make sure you are properly maintaining your machine.

After all, a service manual is used by factory technicians to perform services from basic fluid changes to complete engine teardowns so it has all the information you need to repair and maintain your machine. Add a parts book to your mini-library and you’re ready for just about anything.

Factory manuals are available. They’re not cheap, but well worth the price.

If you’re looking for a genuine Suzuki service manual for your 1972 TS/TC90 (pictured above) you can get one from Suzuki that has more than 77 pages for $60. How about a genuine service manual for a 1990-1999 DR350S? Be ready to shell out $80 for a 426-plus page book. A service manual for a 2007-2016 GSF1250/S/A Bandit will set you back $90. That manual has more than 695 pages.

“All our manuals are the latest updates, straight from the Suzuki factory,” Suzuki says. “No old or out-of-date information. Our service manuals are not basic instructional manuals. They are the very same manuals used by professional technicians. These manuals assume basic service skills.”

Besides service manuals, Suzuki offers owner’s manuals, owner’s service manuals and owner’s race preparation manuals.

An owner’s manual gives instructions for proper operation and performing basic inspection and maintenance. An owner’s service manual combines the owner’s and service manuals and is the only type existing for off-road competition motorcycles. The owner’s race preparation manual comes with a newly purchased competition motorcycle and helps maintain the bike in top working condition.

“It contains detailed information for performing all periodic maintenance and race tuning procedures including top end, clutch and suspension service,” Suzuki says. “However, this manual is not a complete service manual and does not cover all systems and components such as: the crankshaft, transmission, fuel injection and electrical systems.”

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Honda offers its manuals through Helm Inc. A Honda 1980-82 CB900C/F shop manual is $104.18 while a 1981-82 CB900F parts catalog is $39.95.

A 1993-94 XR650L shop manual costs $49.95 and a 1993-2000 XR650L parts catalog is $39.95. A 2006-2010 GL1800/A Gold Wing service manual costs $129.31.

“These owner’s manuals include technical information, instructions for routine maintenance including oil change information, as well as a basic troubleshooting guide,” Honda says. “In addition, many owners also like to have a copy of the Honda Motorcycle Common Service Manual on hand because it outlines all service and repair procedures commonly used in the motorcycle service shop environment.

“This manual is an invaluable resource for all students of motorcycle technology in general and Honda technology in particular,” Honda says. “All motorcycle operating systems are explained in detail with easy-to-read text supported by high-quality illustrations. Each section begins with an outline of operational theory, continues with a detail of the various types of technology used by Honda over the years, and then follows up with troubleshooting and repair procedures.”

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Yamaha manuals, meanwhile, are printed on demand. Yamaha also offers EBooks that can be viewed but can’t be downloaded or printed.

A 1977 Yamaha XT500 printed service manual costs $89. A 1999 Yamaha V STAR 1100 service manual is also $89. But an eBook service manual for 30 days is $14.99, 60 days $27.99 and 1 year $79.99.

A 2007 YZ250F owner’s manual is $75 while the eBook for 30 days is $14.99, 60 days $27.99 and one year $79.99.

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Kawasaki offers printed manuals to buy but you can see some of them online for free if they are unavailable for purchase. Parts diagrams are also available online.

A 1995 KDX200H/220A service manual is $59.95. A 1980 KZ1300/ZN1300 Touring service manual costs $74.95. A 2010 Concourse ZG1400C/D service manual is $107.95.

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