Motorcycling fun inside the home

A lot of riders are forced to spend long hours inside the house these days. But we can still have some motorcycling fun.

For example, have you ever daydreamed about owning your own motorcycle repair shop, or riding the famed Isle of Man TT? How about doing insane tricks on a dirtbike, or racing speedway? What about riding Route 66?

You can do all that and more in the safety of your own home on your computer.

Here are some of the videogames that will let you experience those daydreams without losing your shirt operating your own motorcycle shop or losing part of your hide in a motorcycle trick gone wrong. On the flip side, you could be a great business person and get rich, or be an awesome racer and get to be crowned world champion.

Some of these games also have demos so you don’t need to shell out hard-earned cash without playing part of the game first. Find these games and more at

“Biker Garage: Mechanic Simulator” (photo above) allows you to be a motorcycle mechanic, buying, repairing and selling bikes. You start your adventure in a home workshop with the goal of becoming a world-class operation,

“TT Isle of Man Ride on the Edge 2“ puts you in the saddle of your own TT machine on the 38-mile technical road course. This game lets you experience every twist and turn without facing any danger, except maybe a bruised ego when you toss your racer into the weeds. The Isle of Man TT was canceled this year, but this game lets you live it. After conquering the Isle of Man, you can try your skill at 17 other tracks.

“Trials Rising” lets you take your dirtbike motorcycling craziness to new heights. You get to ride the Great Wall of China, in New York City and around the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Be careful so you don’t crash your bike into a hot-air balloon during one of your high-flying stunts.

“FIM Speedway Grand Prix 15” let’s you experience Speedway racing at its finest. Brakes? We don’t need no stinking brakes!  Do you have what it takes to be world champion?

“MotoGP 19” is simulated world championship road racing at its best, featuring the 2019 riders and 19 different tracks. The game also includes more than 50 legendary racers in case you want to put some of your favorites from the past on the grid.

“RIDE 3” is another road racing game that puts you on tracks around the world. The game boasts more than 230 motorcycles models from 30 different makers to let you experience racing on a variety of machines. The tracks include GP, road and even Supermoto courses.

“MX Bikes” is a motocross simulator that the maker says allows you to host and join online races. So this may be your cure for cabin fever if you can get out on the MX track on your own.

“Road Redemption” is one of those action video games where you spend a lot of time acting out your pent-up frustration at other road users. The maker calls it a “combat road rage adventure. “

“Motorcycle Club” lets you ride 22 different officially licensed motorcycles, including superbikes and customs. Ride the roads on small 125cc machines or monster 2000cc behemoths and tackle skill challenges.

“Urban Trial Playground” lets you pull off crazy stunts without endangering anyone. There are freestyle and timed modes that allow you to accumulate points and climb the leaderboard.

“American Motorcycle Simulator” is supposed to be released soon and allows you to ride Route 66. It sounds like a real ride, with the possibility of your bike running out of gas, breaking down or you getting into a bar fight. It’s all part of the fun on this long-distance adventure.