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More tips for starting your riding season

Before seriously starting your riding season, there are a few things you should consider doing.

License: Check now to be sure your license isn’t about to expire. If it is, make arrangements now to get a new one. Be sure your new license incudes your motorcycle endorsement. That’s also important if you moved to another state and need to get a new license.

Bike insurance: Make sure your motorcycle insurance policy is still in force and make sure you have proof of insurance for your ride. This may be a good time to consider updating your policy to reflect the current value of your bike and the accessories, or make any changes to your liability and/or uninsured/underinsured coverage.

Health insurance: Check your health insurance policy to ensure that your policy will cover injuries suffered in a motorcycle crash. Check your policy under “exclusions.” That’s where your insurance company spells out what the policy won’t cover.

Riding gear: Check your riding gear to make sure it still fits, or to see if there is something you need, like good riding gloves.

Motorcycle: Did you winterize your bike before putting it away? Now is a great time to have your bike serviced at your local dealership or repair shop, if you frequent one for maintenance. If you’re thinking about replacing your current ride, research what’s available and gather info about trading in or selling your motorcycle.

Knowledge: It’s never too late to read and research a motorcycle-related topic of interest to you. Online resources, libraries and bookstores have dozens of publications that you can lose yourself in. Not to mention the AMA website.

Memberships: Are you a member of one or more riding groups or organizations that support the riding community? If so, is your membership current?