Hall of Fame News

Malcolm Smith is 80!

By Mitch Boehm

Photos courtesy Joe Bonello and Smith family archives

That’s right…Malcolm turned 80 on March 9, which is just about as hard to wrap your arms around as is the realization that On Any Sunday – which he starred in alongside Steve McQueen and Mert Lawwill – debuted 50 years ago. Man…time is flyin’ by!

To celebrate Malcolm’s eight decades on earth we’ve prepared a very special feature story, which will headline the April edition of American Motorcyclist, due to hit your mailboxes in the next couple of weeks.

In the piece, new Editorial Director Mitch Boehm dives deep into Malcolm’s current existence, which has been especially challenging for the grizzled motorcyclist thanks to all the injuries he’s sustained over his life and career, the Parkinson’s he was diagnosed with 20 years ago, the golf cart incident of a few years back, and the challenge of keeping him Covid-free even when some in his immediate family got the virus.

It’s a fascinating and very exclusive look at what America’s favorite-son motorcyclist is up to these days, and we’re sure you’ll find it illuminating and plenty interesting – especially when you see the image of him sitting at the workbench in his garage with his new 2-year-old granddaughter Amelie. You will not want to miss it!