Laconia Motorcycle Week Association Fire Destroys Historic Race Programs, More

A Christmas Day fire destroyed historic collectibles and souvenirs at the Laconia Motorcycle Week Association office in Laconia, N.H., WMUR-TV reports.

Ashland, the office cat, is also believed to have perished in the blaze.

“On Christmas morning, our MC Week office suffered a catastrophic fire—it was a total loss. We are grateful to the Laconia Fire Department and surrounding towns for their assistance and thankful that no one was seriously injured.” LMWA officials posted on Facebook. “Sadly, we lost our beloved office cat, Ashland, in the fire in addition to collectibles and souvenirs spanning the history of Laconia Motorcycle Week’s 97-year legacy.

“The majority of what has been lost can never be replaced, including 100 years of photos, periodicals, posters, trophies, plaques, books, and many written records; historical archives that have been over 50 years in the making. Although we do have insurance coverage, it covers barely a fraction of the loss.” The post continued. “Souvenir sales to rally friends throughout the world have been a significant source of our revenue each year and we know people treasure the vintage merchandise as well as the memorabilia that comes hot off the presses; anything that can be salvaged will be. We will work hard to rebuild as we move into 2021 and we’re sure we can all agree that 2020 can kindly see its way out!”

Laconia Motorcycle Week, an AMA National Gypsy Tour, features fun, food, music and a chance to gather with more than 200,000 people who share a passion for riding. It’s billed as the “World’s Oldest Motorcycle Rally.” Laconia began with a small gathering along Lake Weir in 1916. Info:

One of the original experiences in motorcycling, gypsy tours are gatherings of riders from all over the country, converging upon a single destination. The AMA National Gypsy Tour brings like-minded riders together to enjoy the camaraderie of motorcycling, often in a location of particular beauty, historic significance and/or importance to the sport.

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