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Harley-Davidson Unveils New Entry-Level 2022 Nightster

April 12, 2022

By Kali Kotoski

When Harley-Davidson unveiled the Sportster S last year with the new Revolution Max 1250 powertrain, enthusiasts everywhere rejoiced at seeing a high-revving and high-performance cruiser come out of the Milwaukee stable. Now, adding to Harley’s desire to be a viable option for first-time or budget-minded buyers, the company has released the 2022 Nightster.

The Nightster utilizes much of the classic Sportster’s silhouette with the performance of the new Revolution Max 975T, not to be confused with the 1250 currently in the Sportster S and Pan America. The engine gives the Nightster a tighter package and more reasonable price point while still harnessing the power of a thoroughly modern liquid-cooled V-twin.

“The Nightster is an instrument of expression and exploration, underpinned by performance” said Jochen Zeitz, Chairman, President and CEO of Harley-Davidson. “By building on the 65-year Sportster legacy, the Nightster provides a canvas for creativity and personalization, offering the ultimate platform for customization and expression for new and existing riders.”

Claiming to deliver 90 hp and 70 ft. lbs. of torque, the 975T has a torque curve that stays relatively flat throughout its broad powerband for strong acceleration and robust mid-range power, the company said. One design element that harkens back to another legendary power cruiser called the Yamaha V-Max was placing the fuel tank below the seat and the traditional fuel tank serving as an airbox, a design that blesses the bike with a lower center of mass for better stability at speed and improved handling.

The Revolution Max 975T engine, like the 1250, is a structural component of the Nightster’s chassis, with a tail section structure built from lightweight aluminum. The swingarm is formed of welded rectangular steel tubing and is an attachment point for the dual rear shock absorbers.

It comes with all the high-tech gadgets Harley has incorporated of late, such as selectable ride modes, ABS, traction control and a drag-torque slip control system.

The Nightster will hit dealerships globally this month with a base price of $13,499. That’s a far cry from the $3995 price of the 1985 883 Sporty (another lifetime, we know), but there is a lot here for the money. Get yourself to for the entire scoop.