Getting Started In Riding

An Introduction to the World of Motorcycling

Motorcycling is a fun and exciting way to get across town or across the country. It unlocks the great outdoors, takes you to parts unknown and even lets you grab a great parking spot at work.

Even better, how you ride can be unique as you are. You can ride on road, off road or both – and use the same bike for either. You can snake through twisty back roads on a sleek sportbike or commute around town on a practical scooter. You can ride coast to coast on a touring motorcycle or conquer off-road trails on a lightweight trail bike. You can ride your cruiser to the local hot spot to hang out with a few friends or congregate with tens of thousands at a mega rally.

But like anything, motorcycling isn’t second nature. There are right ways – and wrong ways – to learn. On this section of our website, we provide a brief introduction to motorcycling. However, there is no substitute for capable hands-on instruction, and your next stop should be beginner’s course in motorcycle riding. There are many options, but a great place to start is the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Basic RiderCourse. Find one near you at www.msf-usa.org/brc.aspx.