Get your off-road kicks at the Pike State Forest in Peebles, Ohio

The Pike State Forest may not have the most miles of trails among Ohio’s off-road riding areas, but it has features that put it at the top of list.

The Pike State Forest APV Area has 10 miles of trails that will make for a good ride. It’s easy to double the mileage because all the trails are two way. Riding the trails from the opposite direction changes everything and increases the fun.

Ohio’s definition of All Purpose Vehicle is a motorcycle or ATV.

While the trails are not rated for difficulty or ability, riders tell us there is a good mix: just the right amount of easy trails and a few good hill climbs thrown in to keep you on your toes.

Parents with young riders will appreciate the Novice Area, featuring a large open grassy area, along with trails that weave between the trees. Parents can relax and keep a watchful eye on children while they ride until they run out of gas.

There are two gravel parking areas, one is larger and more open while the other has a more park-like setting with large shade trees to park under to make your day more enjoyable. There are a few picnic tables and a bathroom is nearby.

Camping is not permitted.

The Pike State APV closes the day after deer gun season and reopens April 1.

Ohio law requires helmets and eye protection. Riders over 16 must have a valid motor vehicle operator’s license. Minors younger than 16 may operate an APV if they are accompanied by a licensed parent or guardian 18 years of age or older.

APVs must be registered in Ohio or your home state. The state of Ohio requires riders from Michigan and other states that do not have reciprocity to obtain an annual “Temporary Operating Permit” at an Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles location. To get this permit, you must present a valid title, a driver’s license and social security card. The cost is $14.75 per year.

When contacting the BMV, please refer to Ohio Revised Code 4519.09 to ensure prompt service. The permit must be kept with the

APV and must be displayed to law enforcement/management if requested.

The Pike APV area is about 55 miles east of Cincinnati, north of SR 32, between Sinking Springs and Latham on SR 124, or 18 miles west of US 24.

There are a number of small towns close by: Peebles, Hillsboro, Bainbridge, Latham and Waverly, with Chillicothe about 35 miles away.

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