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Buzz Kanter Visits the AMA Hall of Fame

April 13, 2021

By Joy Burgess

We love getting visitors at the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame, but it’s extra cool when one of our own Hall of Famers walks through the door. Just a couple of weeks ago, Hall of Famer Buzz Kanter came in for a visit and spent some time with the AMA’s Director of Operations Steve Austin.

“Buzz was super cool,” Austin said, “and taught me a lot about the 1920s ‘two cam’ Harley. Turns out we are from the same town in England, both ride an FTR1200, have a mutual friend from the Cannonball, and were both competitive Judo practitioners. Small world!”

Buzz Kanter and Steve Austin at AMA Hall of Fame

Kanter was inducted into the AMA Hall of Fame back in 2002 after years spent racing motorcycles and launching multiple motorcycle magazines and motorcycle-related events.

While at the museum, Kanter took time create a video about the Craig Vetter Hurricane Motorcycle display, showing and discussing how the American designer and Hall of Famer redesigned the British BSA Rocket 3 into the classic Triumph Hurricane X75.

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